Welcome to The Keep. This is the archive of the Seventh Dimension fiction forum. It replaces our ancient archive, Darkness and Desire from the year 2000. Thirteen glorious years have passed, but these stories are unforgettable and are a part of some very fond memories for me and many other loyal Creatures of the Night. Most of the fics are directly from the Seventh Dimension board and archive, and some are stories of old which were rescued at the last minute from our old haunts that have now faded into memory. Some are inspired by the fictional character the Undertaker; others by the knights of old or the creatures of gothic fantasy; and are often set in the dark, romantic, medieval or victorian eras. There are haunting tales of malevolent ghosts, sensitive bikers, wolves, vampires, and more. I hope some of these stories bring you fond memories of the past. For now, they will dwell in our hearts… and reside in The Keep.
~Night Mistress


Missing Classics

Many stories are lost for good - it's hard to accept, but it's true. But in hopes that some of my favorites still linger on, somewhere *hopefully*, I would like to list them here. I will give as much information as I can remember. If anyone has any information on these missing stories, please contact me in the Seventh Dimension. To the brilliant authors of these classic fics, please hear my plea :) A million thanks.

From Stone to Life by Dark Harpy and Morphea - To my recollection, a group of friends, who are all wrestlers, meet for a stay at a castle. Kane, who is shy and withdrawn, falls in love with a woman who comes to him in the night and befriends him. I think the woman is under a spell/curse. She is a gargoyle by day, human by night. Was posted at the Goddess' Boudoir c. 1999

Unknown Title - Originally posted at the Goddess' Boudoir, it's about a sweet young woman who is blind and a masked Kane who is afraid to let anyone see his real face. They fall in love. Possibly written by the Goddess herself. c. 1999.

Nightwolf by Christine - Originally posted at both Dark Thoughts and at Dark Lord's Lover. I have most of this, but to my knowledge there was no ending. It was "to be continued". It's about a wonderful long-haired biker who was the unwilling victim of an experiment which gave him a, let's say "split" personality. But the other side of him is getting harder to control, even without the full moon to make it worse. He works as a tattoo artist in a shop owned by his best friend, Serina, who helps him hide his secret. He falls for Krysta and tries to hide his dangerous side from her, but he can't for long. I'm holding out hope that Christine either has the ending, or is still writing and wants to come finish the dramatic conclusion at the Seventh Dimension. I can dream! c. 2000