Silk Spankings by Night Mistress


Part 1

Long about midnight on the highway somewhere... two young, vivacious blondes were about to reach their destination. They were going to spend the weekend out of town.

“Well, we’re just about there,” said Penny. “Sign says Chicago next exit. What do ya’ say we swoop up some booze before we hit the hotel?”

After receiving no response, Penny looked over at her friend who was staring intently forward out the window. “Helloooo, Earth to Victoria…” Still no response. “Come in, Victoria…” Nothing. Then, Penny got an idea, “Holy shit! It’s Paul Helmsley buck naked!”

“You expect me to fall for that?” Victoria asked.

“Hell, it caught your attention, didn’t it?” said Penny.

Victoria just rolled her eyes. “Yeah, yeah, so what do you want?”

“We need to pick up some booze,” said Penny. “I’m in dire need of a Jim Beam. And, we’ve spent ten hours on the road and no strange for fifteen days. That’s like three damned weeks! I need a man!”

“First of all,” Victoria interjected, “we’ve only been on the road for two hours…”

Penny shrugged, “Well, feels like ten.”

“And second of all, you could go without sex for more than 5 seconds, and third… how do you get three weeks out of fifteen days?”

“Well, when you think about it, if you take away weekends, there are five days in a business week and five days has happened three times! Technically that’s three long—looooonely weeks.”

“You are a trip,” Victoria laughed. “Get us to some liquor, quick—you need it!”

“That’s what I was trying to say!” shouted Penny.

After packing the backseat full of Jim Beam, Mad-Dog 20/20, and all the beer they could handle, they checked in to the hotel and got a cart to wheel in the booze. While standing at the elevators, Penny tapped her foot impatiently. Just as the elevator bell dinged, the two took a step forward and Penny heard the deepest, sexiest voice she’d ever heard… and it was familiar. It couldn’t be, she thought. She turned around and it was.

“Vick!” She whispered loudly. “Is that who I think it is?”

Vick’s eyes widened. “Damn, girl, it is! It’s the Demon Slayer!”

Penny couldn’t move. THE Demon Slayer was checking in to the very hotel she was in. He was one of the greatest pro-wrestlers in recent history—and her favorite.

Vick grabbed her arm. “Will you get onto this elevator?! We’ll miss it! Help me with this cart! And for mercy’s sake, watch the beer!”

Penny didn’t move until Vick snatched her inside. Then she snapped out of it. “Ok, I’m ok…I think I am…” She lost sight of him and the elevator doors started to close. She relaxed a tad. “I can’t believe that was really him!”

Suddenly, a hand reached in the doors and he slipped in. “Whew, I almost didn’t make it,” he voiced.

Penny failed to breathe.

Part 2

The entire long elevator ride, Penny tried her best to be relaxed. She told herself not look at him, to stay focused, breath slowly, act normal, just like some fool from under a rock, who didn’t know that they were standing next to the greatest creation of all men in the history of men.

Then sweet relief—the doors opened and he moved out of the way so that the two blondes could exit. Penny played it cool. She acted totally oblivious to his manliness and stepped off down the hall… only… so did he—right behind them. He was staying on the same floor. She would have him! Yes she would! Tonight he would be hers! Yes yes yes yes yes! She was watching him sneakily from the corner of her eye as they walked, breathing in his cologne… or perspiration… she didn’t know, but it smelled incredible. She was so busy trying to be oblivious that she ran smack right into another wrestler, Goliath.

“Hey, watch it!” She blasted before she could think. “I mean... sorry about that.” She turned around and Vic was snickering at their doorway and Slayer was gone.

“Damn it,” she spat.

She’d been so oblivious in fact, that she’d even passed her own door. Pissed, she turned back to the room.

Just then, Goliath called out, “You wanna have a drink later, hot stuff?”

“With who?” Penny smirked.

He said, “With me, honey.”

She just about choked. “I don’t think so.” And slammed her door.

Part 3

After many drinks, Victoria lay on the bed, feet propped up and a beer in her hand. “You know, you are insssss-credulous…” She slurred. “What are you fixing up in the mirror for? It’s the middle of the dang night.” She started to notice how annoyingly dry her eyelids felt as they kept closing themselves.

Penny put on the last touch of lipstick and one more spritz of hair spray. She did the sexy look in the mirror to make sure, and headed for the door. “I’m just gonna get some ice.”

“For that you fixed up?” said Penny. “Oh... I get it… it’s in case you see Goliath.”

Penny’s eyes widened. “I think you’ve had a few too many drinks! It’s in case I run into the Demon Slayer. Don’t wait up!”

Victoria laughed.

Penny snatched the ice bucket and left. This would be a terrific excuse to be out in the hallway, and no one would suspect they already had two sinks full of ice. She laughed to herself.

She sauntered around the corners very quietly hoping to hear him breathe or move from behind one of the doors so she’d know which was his. When she heard someone coming she quickly slipped into the ice maker/pop machine room to get some ice. She filled and dumped. She hoped it was Slayer and needed to kill time. She filled again and indeed someone entered....

Part 4

To Penny’s dismay, it was not Slayer, but Goliath. ‘Dog piss’, she thought.
“Hello, pretty lady.”

“Hello,” she replied as she looked up with her bucket. “Goodbye,” she said as she went passed him to leave.

“Hey, you got a cigarette?” he asked.

She knew he was simply trying to keep her there, but stopped anyway. Maybe this was her ticket to Slayer. “No, sorry. I don’t smoke. Can’t you get some in the lobby?” She sounded slightly annoyed but he didn’t care.

“I’d rather get some right here,” he said slyly with one raised eyebrow.

‘I’m so incredibly nauseated right now,’ she thought to herself. “That’s nice, but I have a party to get to.”

“Oh, really? Can I come?”

“There’s not enough room.”

“Oh yeah? Who’s gonna be there?”

“Me, Jim Beam and 8 or 10 other… 6 packs.”

He grinned. “Ooh, sounds like room for one more.”

“Actually, my friend is there and she ---”

“She? This sounds like fun!”

“I don’t think so, buddy.”

He slid his fingers up her arm slowly and she tried to remember she was doing this for Slayer. 'Don’t slap him, don’t slap himmmm', she told herself.

“I’ll tell you what, if you promise to be good and to bring your own booze, you can come for a little while. Room 661.”

“See you in an hour,” he promised.

She couldn’t believe she’d done this, but he probably wouldn’t come anyway right? But what if he did, she thought as she raced to the room. What would she tell Vick?

Part 5

“WHAT!” Shouted Victoria, as she quickly sobered up.

“Don’t worry, even if he does come, he won’t stay for long, and we have a whole hour to prepare.”

Suddenly the phone rang.

Their mouths fell open.

Penny answered and it was indeed Goliath. He said he’d be there in five minutes and hung up.

The two women quickly scurried to clean up their clothes and beer cans. Penny melted down some of the ice in the sink so that he wouldn’t put together any clues about the ice machine run in; and before they knew it, there was a knock at the door.

It was him all right, but he conveniently forgot his own booze. They let him in anyway, for the sake of getting closer to Slayer.

Well, as the night went on, they all actually had a good time. He seemed down to earth (his own earth, but never the less), and they all laughed a lot and had a good time. They did notice however, that he was making himself a little too comfortable kicked back on the bed. He was also dozing off.

Penny kept nudging him awake and Vick, after shaking her head got up and went to the bathroom. It was definitely time to call it a night, but if he fell asleep, how would they get his big ass out of there. At any rate, for the moment she had to pee. Countless beers saw to that.

While in the bathroom, Vick heard a scream. Her ears perked up and she heard Penny laughing but at the same time telling Goliath he’d ‘better not’ do something. She quickly washed her hands, and opened the door, witnessing the first whap.

Goliath had Penny over his knee and was spanking her. ‘Holy shit! With those big ass hands?’ Vick noticed.

Penny was laughing, but the sting of that baseball mitt he called a hand was very real!
He was having a terrific time until finally after what seemed like thirty swats, she forced him to stop.

Victoria had no idea how this got started and didn’t want to know. She slammed another beer.

Penny, who couldn’t feel her behind, stumbled to her feet and wondered—‘how was this gonna get me closer to Slayer again?’

Goliath was worn out, but not too tired to come on to Penny again. He was relentless.
Victoria played the party pooper and said, “Time to go, Goliath, we gotta get some sleep.” Penny was relieved that Vick had rescued her.

Goliath pouted and went to the door, but not before grabbing Penny and kissing her full on the lips.

Victoria thought she’d be ill, and Penny knew she would.

He left. And Penny washed her mouth with the hotel soap.

Part 6

It had certainly been a strange night, but the two women knew they had a whole weekend ahead of them. They sat in the bar the next morning for French toast sticks and orange juice, planning what to do when Goliath appeared again. All they could do was roll their eyes. He came over of course, but to their surprise he was more than polite.

“Last night got a little wild. I’m usually not like that. I’m sorry Penny.”

“No big deal,” she answered and sipped her juice. “We were just playing around.”

“Well, I want to make it up to you so I paid for you ladies’ breakfast.”

They were shocked. “Thanks.”

He went on, “No... thank you. Say, a couple of friends of mine asked about you two so I told them your room number.”

“You did what?” Victoria asked. “What makes you think we’d be interested?”

“Well, let’s just say, you shouldn’t leave your notebook open to a page of fan fiction. I caught glimpses of it all night. Too bad I wasn’t in there. Have a good breakfast, and thanks for a great night.”

The two couldn’t respond! They just sat there staring at each other with a million questions going through their heads! Like, ‘what page could it have been on? Who was in the story? It could have been anyone! And what if the two “friends” show up! And when would they?’

They thought about checking out, but decided to ‘live a little’.

That evening the two ladies fixed up their room and made their hair nice, but dressed down. They didn’t want to look as if they were ‘waiting’ on anyone. They made sure they stayed in that night, ready for anything. With the lights out, they watched a movie, quickly getting lost in it. About nine o’clock, there was a very light knock at the door. They both blushed! Only men knocked lightly at a woman’s door at night, except for Goliath, who couldn’t possibly. This was it. Who was at the door? Who had asked about them? It was time to find out.

Victoria opened the door and to her surprise…

Someone else she recognized was standing there, leaning against the door frame with one hell of a smile. She couldn’t help but grin in return. From behind his back he surprised her again, this time with a red rose.

She was good though… “Do I know you?”

He was taken aback a little, but replied, “My name is Hunter. I work for Pro Wrestling Federation.”

“Oh”, she flirted. “I hardly recognized you,” she lied. “To my amazement, you’re even better looking in person.”

He smiled. “Would you come to my room so we can talk?”

She threw the rose behind her without looking and Penny caught it.

They quickly left.

Penny’s mouth was on the floor. “She just left without looking back? And what happened to ‘a couple of friends of mine’? That was only one…”

She put the rose on the table and huffed herself onto the bed. “Oh well. Who needs ‘em? I have my movie.

A few minutes later... Knock, knock, knock....

Part 7

Penny was deep into the movie Easy Rider having picked up where she and Vick had left off. She was laid back on the pillows, her legs crossed, taking a nice long drag of the good stuff—when she heard the knocking. She choked, quickly paused the DVD, and dropped the spliff into a beer can without thinking first. The lights were out but for the television; and all at once she felt nervous, which was unlike her. She fanned the room with an empty pizza box then slid it under the bed out of sight. She was beginning to regret dressing down, but it was too late. She breathed deeply “Shake it off, girl!” She told herself aloud.

The person knocked again—louder this time. Suddenly she felt herself again. “Huh, whoever this is can just wait on me—I’ll answer the door if I feel like it!” But then she must have channeled her sister Vick because she quickly changed her mind once more.
She hurriedly got herself together, refreshed her lip-gloss and shuffled around for some perfume. She hated perfume, but this could be her Galahad on the other side of that door—so she continued to rifle around. Finding nothing, she grabbed a travel-size bottle of fabric refresher, spritzed it into the air, and wriggled through the mist.
Penny then eased her way to the door and leaned tantalizingly against the door frame—never minding she was wearing sweats, socks, and an old oversized Bears jersey. She slowly opened the door, pouted her lips, and in the most alluring way she could muster, slowly looked up into the eyes of her Galahad. “Ack! Goliath, what the Hell do you want?!” She never came down off a high so fast in her life. She tried not to spit, but couldn’t hide her utter disappointment. Then she remembered that he was trying to hook her up... “I mean, how are you tonight, Goliath?” She retracted politely and fanned her lashes.

“You don’t fake it very well,” he informed her with a laugh.

“You’ll never know, that’s for sure...” she mumbled barely above a whisper.

“What was that?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing. So what are you doing here?”

“I just came by to tell you I was leavin’ town early. Got called back home for something,” he said then turned away, tongue in cheek.

I’ll bet you did, she thought as she rolled her eyes. “Family emergency?” she toyed.

“Um, something like that. Say, is your sister around? I’d like to tell her goodbye too.”

“No, she’s with Hunter.”

“Ohhhh...” Goliath nodded with a sly grin. “What about you? Anybody come and see you?”

“Oh me? I’m happy all by my lonesome. Just me and my gonj—I mean movie.”

He looked puzzled. “Hmm. Nobody huh? He must have got caught up.”

“Oh, I don’t really care. It’s no biggy. Well, Goliath, it’s been real. Guess I’ll see ya’ around sometime.”

“Guess I’ll see ya’ around.” He flashed a smile, half-waved, and left.

She smugly slammed the door. “Good. Now back to my – oh shit, it’s in the damned beer! %#%#!” She huffed down onto the bed and then heard a boom outside in the hallway. She ran to look out the peep hole. No one was there. Then she heard someone moan in pain. She opened the door and saw a young couple standing over Slayer as he tried to climb back to his feet.

The people obviously didn’t know who he was, but were apologizing profusely. “Are you alright, sir?! We are so sorry! It was all our fault! We shouldn’t have left it there, please accept our apologies.” The couple was pointing to a very large suitcase. Slayer must have come around the corner and tripped right over it.

“I’ll be fine,” he grumbled while holding his knee. “Please, just go... I’m alright.” He tried to stand normally so that the couple would leave him alone, but Penny knew differently. She knew he was in pain. She had his face memorized; and could tell he was gritting his teeth.

The people wouldn’t leave so she rushed over to him and chimed in. “I’ll take it from here. He’s my husband,” she lied. “Our room is right here.”

Slayer looked at her strangely, then back to the couple. It had worked. The two people apologized to Penny and tried to explain what happened. She thanked them for their concern, and bid them farewell. She then grabbed onto Slayer to make it look real... and ushered him into her room.

“Thanks,” he smiled. “I thought they would never... Oh!” he moaned. “Damn. I really smacked this knee good. They must have had bricks in that damned bag.”

Penny winced when he did. “Come here, you’d better get off of it. Sit on the bed.”

He looked at her and paused a moment. He didn’t want to cross any boundaries.

She smiled sincerely, and he felt more at ease. He took the offer.

“Hey, Easy Rider,” he noticed. “Fantastic film.”

“Yeah. A true classic. Care to watch it with me?”

“Sure, if you don’t mind me crashing your party.”

“Trust me... I don’t mind.” She then bit her lips to keep from spilling any of the other thoughts on her mind—sinful thoughts. She tried to shake them. “Do you want a pillow under that knee?” she asked.

“That would be great.” He leaned back a little and tried to keep from wincing so much.

“I’m kind of embarrassed,” he blurted honestly.

She slid a pillow under his leg and adjusted it gently. She didn’t even take mental note of the fact that her hands were so near his thigh; she was being a true lady. “You don’t have anything to be embarrassed about; really. Once, I tripped over my own feet in front of a hundred people and spilled a slushy all over the mayor.”

“You didn’t?” He questioned.

“Hell yeah I did. People won’t forget it either. I can never show my face at the town carnival again.” She came around to sit on the bed next to him.

He just laughed and laughed until he winced in pain again, then laughed at that. Penny got an idea. “Do you want a pain pill or something?”

“Actually, I’ve got something in my pocket if it didn’t break when I fell.”

He tried to scoot up straighter on the bed and get into his pocket, but it was too painful.

“Would you mind getting’ it?” he asked.

She swallowed hard. “Um, sure.”

She slowly leaned over him; his breath was hot on her lips. She slid a hand into his pocket and he adjusted to make it easier. Their lips nearly touched. They both tried to resist the urge but nearly lost control. They parted their lips and tilted their heads.

Right at the brink, she found what she was searching for and pulled it out of his pocket. She was completely taken by surprise. “Slayer, you? How’d you know I would...”

He sniffed the air and smiled. “I wasn’t sure until I came in.”

Her eyes widened like a deer in headlights. “Oh...”

He slid his hand up her arm to keep her from moving away. Then he whispered sweetly, “When Goliath sent me to come see you, I almost changed my mind.”

“You’re the one?” Penny asked. She was pleasantly surprised. Goliath had suddenly redeamed himself.

“Yeah, I don’t normally do this, but he knew I was feeling down. I just figured we’d have a few drinks or something, but.... you’re so... I didn’t expect us to hit it off so fast...” He searched for better words, but she threw the item from his pocket onto the nightstand and straddled him.

“We don’t need that yet. I know how to make you feel better, baby...” she forcibly kissed him full on the mouth....

Chapter 8 Conclusion

Slayer accepted her kiss—vehemently. But he was still taken aback by her bravado.

When they stopped, he stared in to her eyes, his astonishment was apparent. Sure, he’d come to her room, but never did he think it would go this far. He wondered just how far she wanted to take this. She slid a hand down and gripped him gently... his question had been answered. He blushed.

Penny smiled slyly. “Why, Slayer, you’re blushing. It’s so cute.”

He stammered a bit. “Are you sure you know what you’re gettin’ yourself into, little girl?”

“Oh, I think I can handle it.”

“You think so huh?”

“Yeah... I think so,” she insisted. “Now you just lie there and stay off of that leg...  I’ll do all the work. I think you need a little ‘nursing’.”

He inhaled deeply as she slid down his body, and did as he was told.

Once she freed him from the confinements of his clothing, Penny planted delicate kisses on various parts of his body. She called them his ‘pressure points’. She paid special attention to his chest and down to where the side of his waist began to curve into his hip—and then his thigh. She treated him gently at first, playing the sweet little nursie – but she was a wild child at heart. Once she had him relaxed, his muscles at ease, she thrust herself into Lolita-mode and went buck-wild on the man. He soon realized that he was the one that couldn’t handle it! But he learned pretty damned fast!

The next morning, Victoria began to ease into the room. She could hardly walk from her wild night. She almost needed a cane. The last thing she wanted to do was wake Penny. Vick knew she’d never hear the end of it. She hoped she could slip in and take a hot shower before Penny woke up and saw her limping. Then Penny would never be the wiser. It was a good sign that the curtains were still closed; the morning sun didn’t have a chance to wake her.

She quietly slipped in the door and began to inch across the room. Just as she passed the windows she was startled by an extraordinary sight. She could hardly see in the shadowy room, but there were two large legs hanging off the bed along with two much smaller arms. She had a revelation.

Vick threw the curtains open letting the sun fill the room with all of its bright, burning glory. To her surprise, it didn’t wake the unconscious duo. Slayer lay there partly covered, and Penny was sprawled across him, face down—her head at his knees. All she wore was a very loose pair of men’s jockey’s and a hat. Upon closer examination, Vick noticed the hat was an inverted ball cap made to look like a nurse’s cap with a red cross drawn on with lipstick. Slayer had lipstick all over his exposed body.

Strewn around the bed and floor was a confusing assortment of items including a closet rod, Vick’s Blistex with no cap, a cell phone battery, Icy Hot, Skittles, and silk stockings. Vick dared not ask. She shook her head and sneaked to the shower. This was definitely a weekend they would remember—and there was no way she was using that lip balm ever again.