Familiar by Goddess Rip


Part 1

The rain poured down around her, as she rushed to the lighted porch. Thunder and lightening made her jump out of her skin, which never really happened before. When it was storming, like this, she was mostly safe and sound in her home. She would sleep in her own bed, with her own blanket, by her mistress. Oh, how they loved to listen to the rain... Now, now she found herself in a strange place, in the rain, on a lighted porch, and calling to the soul inside this strange house. “Meow.” she called, as she wagged her wet black tail. “Meow.. ‘let me in, or just bring me something soft to dry myself with.”

The door opened, as she stepped back. She looked up at the human before her. She smelled that it is male, and she soon change her mind of wanting comfort. He stood, much taller/bigger, and more stern faced, than her mistress. He wore dark sweat pants, and no shirt, though his arms wear oddly covered, and he had long dark red hair. Her mistress had a hard time with men, and none ever liked her thin black cat. “Merr..” the feline warned him, as she stepped away from the porch. The man slowly stepped out from the screen door. The air began to smell.. like.. dogs! ‘I went to the only lit house that has, a man, and dogs.’ she thought to herself, while backing away from the man. ‘I don’t care how wet my fur is, I’d rather roam the woods in this rain, than be fed to dogs!’ she hissed at the man, as he looked at her, and around the dark scene behind her. “You lost, little one?” he asked her, as he kneeled down. “You wild, or do you belong to someone?” he asked as he pointed out his finger to her. He was having supper. She could smell the chicken on his skin. “Meow.. ‘I belong to a mistress.” But she dumped her off at a dark, smelly place with other animals. The man noticed the cat’s collar, which bore a green rabies tag, and a vacant ring where an ID tag should have been. “I bet you are from Lacie’s Place.” he grins as he tries to pet her. She dared not let him near her, but she could not get enough of the food sent from his fingers. “You’re soaked, little one. We need to get you dried off.” he said, as he stood up. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty.” he called, holding the door open for her.

The black cat was charmed be the smooth tone of his male/rough voice, he seemed nice, so she walked into his home. ‘It’s warm and I smell fire, he must have a fireplace.’ she thought, ‘My old place, before I chose my mistress, had a fireplace.’ She turned to see the man shutting the door, and disappear down a hallway. She began to take a look around, and found a large window, with the curtains open. Her curiosity got to her, as it does sometimes, and she walked over to it. She watched the rain, as she sniffed the glass. The smell of dog was faint in the air. “Barrr! Barrarrarr!!!” one, two, three, FOUR DOGS! Four dogs charged at her from the other side of the window. Four of the biggest dogs she has ever seen. She hissed at them, as she felt her wet fur suddenly stand on end. “Hush!” the man shouted, as he smacks the window. The black cat ran under a table, and watched him close the curtains. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Taker won’t hurt you.” he said, as he bent over and looked at her. “Come yellow eyes, I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to dry you off.” He shook a large towel at her, and the thought was too tempting to pass up. “Meow.” she cautiously walked up to him, as he sat on the floor, towel in hand.

She began to purr, as the man rubded her body with the towel. “You like that, don’t you?” he asked, as he rubbed a little rougher. “Prrrr... ‘yes.” She cooed letting him know, as her throat vibrated. “There, all better.” he stopped and opened the towel. She jumped from his lap and shook her body, to fluff her fur. She heared him stand, as she began to lick her legs and chest, to get herself back to normal. “You hungry, little one?” ‘Did he just ask me if I was hungry?’ she thought. “Meow.. prr.. ‘I’m starving.” she said, as she fallows him into the kitchen. “All I have is dog food.” he groaned, while looking through his cabinets. ‘I’m not that hungry, but I’ve had worse, ever eaten sardines?’ She purrs, as she rubbed her body against the nice man’s legs. ‘Stable, for a giant of a man.’ “Oh, I got tuna! It’s not for cat’s but, I don’t think it will hurt you, just for one night.” ‘Oh, tuna! Human after my own black cat’s heart, “Meow.” He looked down at her, with a smile, “Okay, tuna it is.” She licked her whiskers, while she watched him open the can and put the pink fish on a dish. “Meow, prrrr, meow.” He sat the dish down in front of her. ‘Smells like tuna, looks like tuna,’ “Meow.. mmm.” ‘Tastes like tuna.’ She ate happily, as she heard the man mumbling to himself. “Do cats drink milk, or water? I can never remember.” ‘Water, human, cow’s milk is bad for my digestion.’ “I think I’ll give you water, just in case.” he said, taking out a bowl and filling it with cool water. “There you go, enjoy.” he smiled and stroked her back. Of course her tail sticks up in the air. The human laughed at her, and scratched the base of her tail. ‘Oh, how I love that.’ she purrs.

He left her to her meal, as the rain poured outside. She licked the plate clean and drank up half her water, before finding a nice warm place to sleep. The room suddenly went dim, as she walked around the corner. ‘He must be going to bed.’ she thought to myself, as she crept along the floor. “Mee.. prr.” she called to him. The fire no longer flickered in the fireplace, as she passed by it. She strolled down the dark hall and soon heard voices. ‘More people?’ she slowly walked near the voices, and found a smaller room. He sat in a chair and stared at the box, flickering in the dark. ‘Yes, my mistress had one of these.’ “Meow.” she slowly crept up to the man, and rubbed her face on his foot. He took a bath, she could smell the soap, but it wasn’t like her mistress’ brand. “You lonely, little one?” he asked her, and then pats his lap. The black cat jumped up, with one leap, and curled up in his lap. His large hands smooth down her fur, as she made herself comfy. ‘He seems to be such a nice man, why does he have dogs?’ she thought. Before she knew it, he sat her down and turned off the box. She followed him down the hall, and up some stairs, to his bedroom. He went into a smaller room, as she jumped up on his bed. ‘His bed is much bigger than my mistress’.’ she thought, picking a spot and fluffed it up, ‘More comfy than his lap.’ She curled up and closed her eyes. “And what do you think you’re doing?” He startled her. She raised her head and stared at him, wide eyed. “Okay, I can’t resist those bright yellow eyes of yours. You can sleep, at the end of the bed. But just for tonight.” he pointed his finger at her. He turned the last of his lights out and climbed into bed. “Good night, little one.” he whispered, and soon started to snore.

Part 2

The next morning, the nice man put one of his dog leashes on his black, purring visitor, and took her for a short ride. Though it wasn’t easy getting her inside the car, the little yellow eyed puss curled up in the front seat and dozed, until the car finally stopped. “Okay, little one, let’s go.” the man said to her, while picking her up. She smelled the same sent of animals, like the other night, as the man carried her in his arms. She heard barking, meowing, birds calling, and other animal sounds, as the man took her into one of many buildings. “Ah, Taker, is this the cat you called about?” an elderly woman cheerfully asked, meeting the man and the cat in the front room.

“Yes, Lacie, I think she might have gotten loose from your cat hold, or ran away from home.” Taker told her, as he followed the woman to a smaller room. “Well, after you called, I checked all the holds, and found all the animals accounted for. Let me take a look at her.” Lacie said, taking the female from Taker’s arms. “I checked her last night. She didn’t seem to be hurt, or look like she was in a fight. I figured she was lost, or ran away. She’s got a rabies tag, but no ID.” Taker explained to the vet, and close friend. Lacie smiled at him, as she listened to the cat’s heart beat. “She seems to be healthy, but I’d like to keep her here, overnight and do some tests.” Taker looked at the cat, with concern, “Um.. you don’t have to put her down, do you? I mean, she has a rabies tag.”

“Oh, no, sweety, I just want to run some blood tests. Make sure she’s not pregnant, and check a few things. It’s standard procedure. Then I’ll put up a found ad in the paper, just in case she strayed from home.” Lacie told him, as she felt around on the cat’s body. The black cat purred, though a little frightened that Taker might leave her. She watched him close, with her bright yellow eyes. “She seems to like this, Taker.” Lacie snickered, “Most cats are so ill tempered, when it comes to vets.” Taker smiled and scratched the cat’s nose, “Um.. if she’s healthy, I’d like to foster her, while we wait for the owner to claim her. That way you wouldn’t have to make space for her unnecessarily.” Taker told the vet, “And if you happen to find the owner, I’ll bring her back.”

“Well, if you think you can take care of her. Your dogs won’t like it, and you may need to keep her inside, for her own safety.” Lacie explained to him, “Plus, you need to feed her cat food and give her a litter box...” “I know, I’ll buy some today.” Taker interrupted her. “I’m sorry, Taker, it’s just that taking care of a cat is a lot different than your dogs.” Lacie said, apologetically. “I know, don’t worry. I have to do some running, I’ll call later today, and see how she’s doing. Don’t worry about her bill, do what you need, and I’ll pay for it.” “Okay sweety. If I’m not here, Mac will be, and I’ll let him know.” Taker nodded, and rubbed the cat’s head, as she cooed a soft purr.

While Taker ran his errands, he stopped off at a pet food shop. He bought a bag for dry cat food, a couple of feeding bowls, some cat toys, a litter box, and some litter. “Just got a kitten, Dead Man?” the clerk asked, with a chuckle. “Well, sort of.” Taker smiled, and paid the man. “Oh, wait,” the clerk said and stopped Taker from leaving, “we just got those vitamins you ordered for you rots. You want them?” “Oh, thanks, yes please.”

Taker stood, waiting for the clerk to come back from the stock room. “Just got a cat?” a female voice asked, from behind. Taker looked around and saw a beautiful woman standing there, waiting in line. “Yes, well I’m fostering one. She strayed onto my property, so..” Taker grinned, and turned to his bags. “How sweet, most guys would ignore cats. I thought it would be in their blood, hating cats, I mean.” the young woman smiled. “Well, I was raised with animals, so it’s more of how one is raised to respect life.” Taker told her. “That’s good to know, some people are raised to be that way.” the woman smiled, “I’m Jora, by the way.” Taker shook her hand, “Mark, um.. Taker.” “You look familiar.” Jora smiled. “I’m a wrestler.” Taker told her, now wishing to clerk would get back with his vitamins. “Ah, my ex-boyfriend watched that stuff. Guess that’s where I saw you from. Hate it, myself.” Jora said, adjusting her pet supplies. “Really?” Taker’s eyes lit up. “Yes, I prefer boxing.” she answered. “Boxing?” Taker asked. “Yes, I happen to have tickets to Saturday’s show, since my ex-boyfriend bumped me. I thought of scalping them.” Jora told him.

“Here you go, Taker.” the clerk yelled, rushing to his register. “Thanks.” Taker said, as the man rung up the package and totaled the price. Taker left the pet store, and put his things in the trunk, as the woman came up next to him. “Funny having our cars next to each other.” she said, smiling. “Yeah.” Taker smiled at her, as he shut the trunk door. “Listen, I don’t normally do this, but would you like to go the boxing match with me?” Jora asked, “We can meet at the arena, and just go home separately. I’d rather go as a platonic date. What do you say?” “Taker pondered the woman’s request. He loved boxing, and knew this was going to be a good fight. But he never had a woman ask him to go out before. “Sure.” he said. Jora gave him one of the tickets, and her phone number, in case he decided to cancel. Since the fight was Saturday, he would have time to get to know his little visitor before then. He said his good-byes and went home.

The next day, Taker got to pick up the black cat, with the bright yellow eyes, and took her home. He showed her were her food, and litter box were, and even plaid with her and her cat toys, before doing his human chores. The black cat watched him, sometimes, and sometimes napped near the fireplace. When Taker went out to care for his dogs, she would watch him by the large window, but hide herself from the canines. She felt safe and sound in her new home, though she missed her mistress terribly. The man would pat her head and stroke her back, whenever he saw her near him, but it wasn’t the same. As the day grew older, the cat found the man napping on his couch. She slowly crept up to him, as she purred. She calculated where would be the perfect place to jump onto him, “Meow.. prrrrr.” Taker’s eyes opened, and looked down at her. “Come on, kitty.” He patted his belly, and the black puss jumped onto him. Taker rubbed his hands on the tiny thing, as she kneaded his chest. “Well, we need a name for you, so it would be easier to call you.” Taker told her, as she gazed her yellow eyes into his. “Mrrr... ‘Lilith is my name.” she curled up on his chest. “I think... I think I’ll call you Lily. Though I’m not sure why.” Taker smiled at her. ‘Fair enough.’ Lilith thought, as her eyes began to show signs of dosing.

Part 3

Saturday came, and the nice man, Taker, went out for most of the day and evening. Lily roamed around the house, plaid with her new toys, ate, napped, watched the dogs outside, and other typical cat stuff. The house was pitch black when she heard a couple of cars pull into the driveway. Lily sat on the back of the couch, waiting for Taker to come in and pet her. She purred, softly, as she heard him mumbling and jingling his keys. Soon, a female voice mumbled back, which made Lily stop in mid purr. She sniffed the air, and raised one paw, as Taker opened the door. The female burst out laughing, as she came in. Lily’s fur ruffled, as she jumped down. She then noticed the female wrapping her arms around Taker, and smashing her mouth onto his. Lily’s ears folded back into her head, as she shot the female a look, and moaned. She quickly raced down the hallway and scooted herself up the stairs. She ran into Taker’s room, and under a chair, to hide.

Moments pass, and soon the light came on in the once dark room. Lily watched the two hugging, as they fumble their way in. She cocked her head, as she heard Taker moan in an animal manner. She watched him, as he rubbed his hands over the female’s body. The female cooed, as she complied his toughing and pulled her head back, so Taker could lick at her neck. “I want you, Jora.” Lily heard the man groan. She glared at the female, as the cheap smell of her sent filled Lily’s nostrils. “Let me freshen up a bit.” Jora grined, as she grinded her pelvis against the nice man. “Okay, call me when you’re ready.” Taker told her and kissed her lips. He turned from her and walked out the door, and closed it behind him.

Lily watched the female, as Jora looked around the room. She soon walked up to Taker’s dresser and picked up his hairbrush. She slowly took down her hair and brushed it softly. Once she was satisfied, Jora smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She then put the brush into her purse. Lily’s nose twitched, as she glared at the female in front of her. Soon, she watched Jora pick up several small things and put them into her purse. Lily groaned, deep within her throat, as she crept under the bed. Jora, hearing her, looked around and shrugged her shoulders. She turned back to the dresser and began to open each drawer. Lily moaned, low, as she saw the female stuff a pare of Taker’s underwear into her purse. Jora then turned to the bed, as she took off her shoes, skirt, and top. She sat down, onto the bed, and began to unhook her grader. Lily’s body steadied itself, as her tail wagged back and fourth. She waited for the right moment, as if hunting for a mouse, then got ready to strike.
Lily quickly pounced onto Jora’s ankle and dug her claws deep into the female’s flash as she ripped her open. Jora suddenly screamed in pain, and Lily jumped onto the bed and hissed at her enemy. Taker rushed into the room, “What’s wrong, what happened?!” “You’re psycho b*tch of a cat just ripped me open!” Jora shouted at him, as she writhed in pain. “Let me see it, let me help.” Taker told her, as he tried to look at the wound. “Don’t touch me! I swear I’ll sue you if this scars!” Jora yelled at him. Lily, now all puffed out, perched herself on a pillow, as she sang her mutual hatred for the female. “Lily, git! Git! Shoo!” Taker shouted at the black cat, “Bad girl, Bad Girl!” Lily, surprised, and angry, but loyal to the man, ran near the purse. She grabbed the strap of it, in her mouth, and plunged to the floor. Once she let go, she ran into the bathroom.

“I’m real sorry about this. She is a very sweet cat. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, she’s fixed, and she has had her rabies shot.” Taker said, as he bent down to pick up the purse. “IT’S OKAY,” Jora jumped at her purse, “it’s okay, I can pick up my things.” She tried to shove what she stole back into her purse. Taker, noticing one of his rings on the floor, grabbed the purse from his date. He gave her a sharp look, as he pulled out his underwear, brush, two more rings, and a gold necklace. “Sue me if the cat scars you, eh?” He grited his teeth. “I.. I.. won’t, I was just scared, that’s all.” Jora replied, quietly. “Yeah, so scared you stole from me first?” Taker shook his things in the woman’s face. “Get your clothes on!” He shouted, as he dumped her purse, to check for anything else she might have taken. Jora quickly got dressed, while Taker packed her purse with HER things, and showed her to the door.

Later that night, Lily slowly came out of hiding. She looked around the dark room, as she heard Taker snoring in his bed. She tapped the tip of her tail onto the floor, and debated on whether or not to join him on his bed. Taker rolled over, stressfully, and opened his eyes. He heard the black cat’s soft purr, as he sat up. “Here Lily.” he whispered, patting the foot of the bed. Lily jumped up and rub herself against Taker’s arm. Taker gave her a scratch behind her ears. “Good kitty. Forgive me?” he said, then laid back down. ‘Yes..’ Lily thought, as she curled up next to his feet.

Part 4

Two weeks passed, Taker still had no word on Lily’s owner. But everyday he became more fond of the little feline, as did Lily with him. She would follow him around the house, and watch him work out, read the paper, talk on the phone, and other human things he would do. Most of the time, Taker would stop what he was doing and play with her. Mornings became routine. Taker would have breakfast and watch Lily, watching the dogs outside. He would then get his news paper and start reading it, but always had to stop when Lily jumped on his lap. Taker never thought himself a cat person, but he new he was falling in love with his black feline visitor. He knew he might have to give her up, if her owner ever appeared, but tried not to think about it too much.

Lily set on the back of the couch, dosing, when she heard a knock at the door. She opened her bright yellow eyes, and watched Taker open the door. “Hey, man, how you feeling?” the knocker asked as he came in. He was just as big as the nice man, Taker, with curly brown hair. “I’m fine man. The rest is doing me good.” Taker replied. Lily sniffed the air to get his sent, as Taker closed the door. “Meow.. prrrr...” Lily spoke, hoping the new male would pet her, so she could get a better make of him. “You got a cat?” the man laughed, as he came near the black puss. “Yeah, I’m fostering her. She came to my porch a few weeks ago, when it was storming.” Take explained to him. The new male stroked Lily’s back, as she purred and ate up the attention. “What do you call her?” the male asked him. “Lily. Don’t ask me why, but she seems to like it.” Taker said. “Well, she’s beautiful, that’s for sure.” he said back, and began to laugh. “What’s so funny, little brother?” Taker asked, with a smile. “You’re really out doing the darkness shtick, Dead Man. Getting a black cat...” Lily cocked her head, as she heard the new male cackle at her master. “Well, KANE, at least I don’t have a fascination with fire.” Taker teased back.

Both men had their fun cracking jokes at each other, and then sat down to have lunch. “Hey, you have having any luck in the romantic dept.?” Kane asked, as he forked at his food. “Uh.. no comment.” Taker said, just before taking a drink of his beer. “Well, if not, I know of a girl you might like. She just turned thirty-one, she owns her own business, and very pretty.” Kane said, looking at his friends and co-worker. Taker gave him a look, and took a big bite of his food. “Her name is Xandra. She’s from England, but she resides here.” He added, trying to get Taker’s interest. “Why is she for me, and how do you know her?” Taker asked. “Well, she likes some of the same things you do. And the little woman knows her from college.” Kane answered, “She’s been bugging me to talk to about Xandra for a while now.” “So I guess you’re trying to get me to go on a blind date?” Taker asked. Kane smiled at him, as he sat back in his chair, “I guess so. You seem to need a good time. And I don’t think playing with the pussy is what you really want to play with.” he added, pointing to Lily. Lily looked up from her bathing, and stared at the new male, ‘Excuse me?.. “Meow.” “I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling the cat understood what I just said.” Kane mumbled, as he looked at her. “She’s pretty special, little brother.” Taker replied, as he got up from the table.
A couple of days passed, and Taker got the nerve to go along with his blind date. He enjoyed her company, and thought she was very sweet and witty. She owned a bike shop, which made Taker salivate, and loved the same type of music he did. They both loved hunting, which surprised him a woman would, and she adored dogs. Things were going so well, Taker asked her if she would like to go back to his place for a more private setting. Xandra agreed, and they soon left in his car, from the restaurant.

 Lily, ate her meal, in the dark kitchen, as she heard Taker’s car pull up. She raised her head, and licked her whiskers, while waiting for her master to come in the door. Again, she heard mumbling of a female, and her ears went back. She slowly peeked around the corner and watched Taker and the female enter the house. She felt it a bit funny, that when males came in with her mistress, she feared them. And now, her master was bringing females to the house, she had the same feelings towards them. This female was not as loud as the other one, though her sent was just as fake to Lily. She watched as Taker and the new female sat on the couch, in the front room. “Shall I light a fire?” Taker asked the woman. “Sure.” Xandra replied, with a smile. Taker kissed the woman on the lips and walked near the fireplace.

Lily, ever more curious, gingerly stepped up to the new female, and sniffed her pant leg. “Meow.” She spoke. “Oh, my God!” the woman jumped onto the couch. “What?” Taker asked, turning around. Xandra was curled up, at one corner of the couch, her eyes wide open. “You have a cat.” she whispered. “Yes..” Taker whispered back. At that time Lily jumped on the other end of the couch, as stared at the female, “Meow...prrrr... ‘You’re afraid of me?” she thought. “Get it away.” Xandra choked. Taker picked up the feline and put her in the kitchen. “You didn’t tell me you had a cat.” Xandra said, as she walked near to door. “You never asked.” Taker replied, looking at her as if she were nuts. “I happen to be allergic to cats.” she said, opening the door. She rushed out, as she began to choke more. “Do you want me to take you to the hospital?” Taker asked, as he followed her. “No..” she whispered in a now haorse voice, “just take me home.”

Lily was sleeping on her master’s bed, when he got back. She opened her eyes, and blinked at him, as he turned the light on and came into the room. He grumbled, as he took off his close, and headed for the bathroom. Lily, worried she might have been a bad girl, again, slid into the room, before Taker closed the door. “Mrrr..” she looked up at him, with sorrowful eyes. Taker sighed, and bent down to rub her head. “I don’t seem to be having any luck in the female dept., sept for you, little one.” he whispered to her. Lily purred back, as she rubbed her body against his bare legs. Taker turned on his bath water, and began to brush his teeth. Lily sat on top of the toilet, as she watched her master. Occasionally, she licked herself, but kept a watchful eye on him. Soon, Taker grabbed a towel and rag, and slipped into the tub of hot water.

Lily, plopped down from her old place to the edge of the tub, and sniffed at her master’s soap. Taker smiled at her, as he lifted his wet hand, and dripped water on the black puss. Lily shook her head, as the drips soaked in, and glared at him, playfully. Taker turned to his bath, and ignored her while he lathered up his body. Somehow, a fly wondered into the bathroom, with the two dark souls, and Lily caught it flying by her. She sat up from her seat, and watched the insect buzz around the steaming room. “Mee..mee..mrr..rree..” she sang, as the thing flew by her. “You better catch it.” Taker ordered her, “or you won’t get to sleep in master’s bed tonight.” Lily looked at him, with a twinkle in her eye, “Meow.. ‘yes master.” Taker looked back at her, as he rinsed himself off. He could almost swear that Lily understood him. Just then the fly flew around the black puss, almost catching her off guard. Lily quickly stood up on her hind-legs and swiped at the fly. But it was too fast for her. Taker laughed, as he set back and soaked his back in the hot, soapy water.

He watched Lily, half dozing, while she chased the fly around the bathroom. After a while, she got tired and curled up on the bathroom rug. “Lily, if you don’t catch that fly, you’re not going to sleep in the master’s bed.” Taker grinned. Lily gave him a glaring look, then as if like a blink, winked at her master. Taker’s humor dissolved as he watch her. The fly zoomed and buzzed around the room, taunting the poor kitty. But it too began to tire, as it slowed down. It landed two paws away from Lily, as she purred. Her tail tapping on the floor, as she laid. Step by tiny step, the fly came closer to her, as Lily’s eye began to close. Taker watched her, and the fly, almost falling asleep. Suddenly, to Taker’s amassment, Lily snatched the fly, with her paw! She looked at her master, waiting his approval, then gulped the thing down in one take. “BRAVO!” Taker shouted, as he splashed water everywhere. He soon climbed out of the tub, dried off, and both he and Lily went to slumber on his master’s bed.

Part 5

Taker was feeling cabin fever. He had been waiting for his autograph signing schedule, and sort of felt he couldn’t wait to go back on the road. Well, tonight, he felt like going out. Lily watched him, as he got ready. His sent smelled strong, with the mix of soap and after shave. “Meow.. prrr.” Lily said, rubbing her body on Taker’s black jeans. Taker smiled down to her, and bent down to pet her. As he rose back to a stance, Lily got up on her hind paws, to saver the human’s last stroke. “I’m going out for a while.” he said to the female cat. He, then, picked up his jacket, and headed downstairs. Lily followed close behind him.

Taker tapped on the large window, and waved to his dogs, turned out the lights, and headed out the door. Once he opened the driver side door, of his car, he remembered that he almost forgot something. He charged back in the house, and as the screen door slowly closed, Lily pranced out the door. She noticed the car door was open, and jumped inside. Just when Taker locked the front door, Lily bounced herself in the back seat. Taker climbed in the front, with a huff, buckled his seat belt, and drove off. Taker found himself at his favorite watering hole, and plaid pool most of the night. He made small talk with some of his friends, and met the most interesting biker chick. Her name was Honey, and she was loud, flirty, vivacious, and a great pool player. She even won several rounds with the Dead Man. But, as time goes, it was soon closing time. Taker asked Honey, if she would like to go out for coffee and a quiet place to talk. Honey agreed, and both headed to Taker’s car.

Taker opened the passenger door, for the woman, and proceeded to go to his side. He got in and started the car. Lily, woke from her long cat nap, and peeked her head up to see where she was. She smelled the sent of smoke, and female sent, which was not there before. “So you said you got dogs. How many?” Honey asked, smiling at the man. Four; Jake, Lucifer, Katie, and Sue. I’m hoping they breed soon, I have some people who want puppies.” Taker replied. “Cool, but isn’t that hard to, uh... do with your line of work?” Honey smiled, with an up lifting voice. Taker chuckled, as he turned the corner, “Yeah, but there’s a vet family who live near me. They watch my place, while I’m out of town. “Any other pets? Kids?” Honey asked. “Yes, both. I have a cat, and my kids live with their mom.” Taker answered. “Does the cat live with mom?” Honey asked, with hope in her voice. “No, she lives with me. I’m fostering her, for now. But hope I get to keep her, she’s the coolest feline I’ve ever came across.” Taker told her, as he pulled the car into the coffee shop parking lot.

Honey grew quiet, as Taker turned off the car. Lily, listened in the back seat, could sense the female’s stress. “Something wrong? Oh, are you allegoric to cats? I know some people are.” Taker asked, with great concern. “Um.. no, I’m not allegoric, I just hate the little beasts.” Lily’s ears folded back, as she heard the tone of the female’s voice. “Why?” Taker asked, looking at the woman with a cocked eyebrow. “Well, you can’t take them for a walk, because they’re too stubborn. With that, you have to give them a litter box, which stinks. They’re finicky eaters, mean spirited, lazy, and they shed everywhere.” Honey explained to him. Lily squints her eyes, in a glare, and growled low in her throat. “Oh, and blacks one are the most evil. They have this weird perception of sense. It’s like they know what you’re thinking, and can mentally manipulate their owners.” Honey added. Suddenly, from the back seat, Lily’s growling became loud venomous moaning and singing. “What the hell is that?” Honey asked, looking over her shoulder. From the night lamp, outside, Lily’s eyes reflected the brightest yellow, Honey had ever seen on an animal. “AHHHHHHH!...” she screamed, as she faught to open the door. Taker sat behind the wheel, not sure what to do, as the woman fell out the door, and ran away from the coffee shop parking lot.

Lily jumped to the front passenger seat, and looked at her master. She licked back her whiskers and waited for Taker’s reaction. Taker cocked his head at her, “How did you get in here?” “Meow.. ‘you let the doors open.” Lily looked at him, tapping her tail, ‘I had to keep you out of trouble.’ she thought. Taker let out a sigh, and leaned over to close the door. He then headed home, laughing at what just happened.

Part 6

Lily strolled down the hall, as she soaked in the suns rays from each window she passed. Taker had been packing and talking on the phone all day. She knew he was going somewhere, she could not. She jumped on his open suit case, while her master had his back turned. Taker was on the phone, talking to Lacie about his trip. “Yeah, I think the girls are going into heat. I separated them this morning. Katie and Lusi, are in a pin and Jake and Sue are in the other.” Taker told her, turning around. He saw Lily, laying on his clothes. “Sorry, but you can’t go with me, Lily.” He picked her up and set her down in the floor. “You heard anything on Lily’s missing owner?” Taker asked Lacie. He sighed, in relief, of some good news. “You think I can keep her, if no one claims her?” he asked, shutting the suit case. “Oh, I just love her. So far, she’s been a good judgment in character,” Taker laughed, “it’s a long story.” Lily cocked her head at her master, “Meow.” “Yes, little on, I’m talking about you.” Taker smiled at her and quickly finished his conversation.

Lily’s master had been gone for days. She moped around the house, and occasionally watching the dogs do their mating. She laughed to herself, only way a cat can, as she watched them. They seemed so beastly doing it. ‘Human’s are something to watch.’ she thought, ‘Humans make mating an art form.’ When Lacie came by, to check on the house, and the dogs, Lily hid under the table. Once she got use to her temp. mistress, it was time for the older female to leave.

It was late, and Taker just climbed into his hotel bed. He tried to sleep, but worried about Lily. He hoped she didn’t get loose, or try and hurt Lacie, or the owner showed up and Lacie went ahead and took her. He knew it was silly, but he sat up and picked up the phone. He dialed his number and waited for his answering machine to kick on. Lily, feeling depressed at this point, laid on the back of the couch. She hadn’t eaten in a couple of days, and felt the her master left her for good. That is, until the phone rang. Lily opened her eyes, when she heard his voice, telling the caller to leave a message. Then her ears perked up when the caller began to talk. “Um, Lily, it’s me. If you’re there little one, I just want you to know that I’ll be coming home soon.” At the moment Lily heard her master’s voice, she jumped on the counter and licked the speaker, as she purred. “Well, I be going now, night puss.” Taker said, then hung up. Lily slept by the answering machine for the rest of that night.

The next day, Lacie came in and did her usual checking around. She first noticed Lily laying on the kitchen counter. “You get down.” Lacie smiled, picking up the black puss and setting her on the floor. “I don’t think, Taker would like you climbing everywhere.” She added, then made her rounds around the house and outside. She checked on the dogs, fed them and cleaned their pins. Lily watched the older female, as she went from chore to chore, until she heard the door open. She looked to find her master, suit case in hand, coming into the house. She quickly runs up to him, purring and meowing at him, hoping he would touch her. “Well, I missed you too, Lily.” Taker smiled, picking up the black puss, and carrying her to the couch.

Taker sat, as the happy Lily purred and rolled in his lap. He pet the feline, as he dozed, until her heard Lacie come in from the back yard. “Hello, didn’t hear you drive up.” She said, sitting in a chair, next to him. “Yeah, the cab stopped at the street. How’s everyone?” Taker asked. “Well, I think the females are pregnant, but I’d like to take them in to the clinic for tests.” Lacie replied, then added. “OH, and Lily’s owner called yesterday.” “Oh?” Taker frowned, looking at the happy cat in his lap. “Her name is Jonara Fayth. She told me she just moved into a place and she couldn’t keep Lilith.” Lacie explained. “Lilith?” Taker questioned the name, as he looked down at the now dozing Lily. “That’s Lily’s name. Jonara described her to a tea.” “Lacie, Lily is all black, what’s there to describe?” Taker asked. “Well, sweety, I wrote down what the young woman said, and checked Lily over, yesterday afternoon. Lilith had small green and orange specks in her yellow eyes, and she’s slightly bald where she was fixed.” Lacie told him. “Does she want her back?” Taker asked. “She can’t, her land lord won’t allow it. She does want to see Lilith one more time and to meet her new keeper.” Lacie told him. Taker nodded his head, “Okay, when?” “Tomorrow, if you want, you can meet her at the clinic.” Lacie said. “Okay.” Taker mumbled, as he scratched Lily’s jaw line.

Part 7

The next afternoon, Taker took Lily to see her mistress. Lily, not quite sure why he brought her back to the noisy and smelly place, clung to his sweat shirt. “It’s okay, Lily, you’re going to see your other owner.” Taker whispered in the black puss’ ear. Lacie, and a young woman came out of a small building and came toward the man and the cat. Taker looked over the woman, as she walked up to him. She had very long, thick, curly hair, which blew all over in the fall wind. It was the deepest of black, with a tinge of red wine color in it. She was of short height with a beautiful full build, and wore a long black trench coat. She buried her hands deep into her pockets, as Lacie walked her up to him. To Taker, she was quite breathtaking, as she was almost cat-like herself. “Taker, this is Jonara Fayth. Jonara, this is Taker, the one who’s been fostering Lilith for you.” Lacie introduced them, “I’ll let you two get to know each other. I have some animals to see.”

Lacie took her leave, as Taker and Jonara smiled at each other. Lily looked at the female, and smelled a familiar sent of jasmine and lilac. ‘Mistress?’ Lily thought, as her eyes widened. “Meow!” she called, as she struggled to get out of her master’s arms. “Did you miss me, Lilith?” Jonara asked, taking her from the huge man in front of her. Lily purred loud and strong, as she licked her mistress’ nose, and cuddled in her arms. “She missed you, a lot.” Taker told her, putting his hands in his pockets. “Was she good for you?” Jonara asked him. “Yes, but my love life kind of fell apart since she came to me.” he laughed. “Oh?” the dark haired woman questioned. “Yeah, she doesn’t seem to like women much.” Taker told her. “No, not Lilith. She hates men. I’m surprised you took her in. Or she let you take her in.” Jonara argued, “I never had much luck with dates, if they came to my house. She’d find a way to scare the men away.” “Yeah, well, she kinda did a few of my dates, these passed weeks.” he smiled.

“Why did you just dump her in the middle of nowhere?” Taker asked. “I didn’t. I put her, her papers, and a note in her cat box. I heard of Lacie’s Place and brought her here. She was closed, and I saw the drop off building. I took her in and made sure she was safe. But Lilith has a mind of her own. Lacie told me today, that her husband found the cat box this morning. Somehow Lilith clawed and chewed her way out of the cardboard.” Jonara explained to him. Taker accepted the young woman’s explanation, as he looked in her deep brown eyes. “So do you want her back? Can you sneak her in your home?” Taker asked.

“No, I just moved the week I gave her up. The land lord lives downstairs from me, so I can’t bring her in.” Jonara told him, almost in tears. Taker thought for a moment, “Well, if I keep her, would you like to visit her? I live a mile down the road. I go out of town a lot, and have Lacie come and check on things for me. I might be worth your while. I pay her $300 to do it. She’s busy with her clinic, sometimes, and I’m sure it would be a great relief to her.” “I wish I could but, I just got a job, and it’s down town. I work almost every day. This place is too far for me to travel.” Jonara said, holding her cat close. “Okay then, I’ll pay $500 week.” Taker smiled at her. Jonara looked up into his warm green eyes, and nuzzled Lilith’s head. “That’s enough for me to quit my job.” she laughs. “Well? Maybe that’s what I want.” he grins. “Why?” Jonara smiles up at him. “Lily likes you, and she seems to like me.” Taker analyzed, “So, maybe we could give this a shot?” Jonara looked at the red headed man in front of her. “Okay, if Lilith likes you, I guess you’re safe to get to know.”