A Chance Encounter by Dark Lady


Part 1

Walking into the bar Ariel thought to herself, I really don't belong

here. But it had been a long drive so far and even though she was not

sure where she would end up, she knew she wanted it to be as far away

from her past as it could be.

Being a stripper was not all it was cracked up to be and an abusive

boyfriend had sent her running. She shuddered remembering the last time

she had seen him. He had really beaten her senseless. The bruises were

starting to fade and she was just trying to forget. This bar looked

friendly enough although she wasn't really looking for new friends.

"A beer please." She smiled at the bartender and paid him for her drink.

Walking over to the jukebox she put a dollar in and picked her three

songs. Some strange country song was playing and as she made her way

back to her beer she wrinkled up her nose and asked, "Is this all that

people play here?"

"Have you got a problem with my choice of songs lady?" She heard a deep

voice ask.

Turning around she almost fainted when she saw a man who looked almost

exactly like Steve, her ex.

Long black hair, dressed in blue jeans and a leather vest. Almost seven

feet tall, well Steve had not been that tall and her eyes clouded over

with fear as she thought about the damage this man could do to her.

She pushed her beer away and rushed out of the bar without another word.

Mark looked at the bartender who shrugged. "Man that crazy lady left her

purse here." Mark picked it up and walked out the door.

"Hey lady, you left your purse here." He called after her.

She stopped for a second and then looked like she was going to make a

run for it again. "If you don't want it it's no sweat off of my back."

Mark dropped the purse on the ground and turned to go back in.

"I'm sorry, you just really remind me of someone I used to know." She

bent down to pick up the purse and he watched her backside as she did.

"Well I guess from your reaction it wasn't someone you liked very much."

For the first time he smiled at her and her heart almost melted thinking

about how good Steve had been to her in the beginning. "Come back in and

finish that beer and I'll buy you another." He winked at her and held

the door.

"Ok, I will, thanks." She walked past him trying to erase any thoughts

of Steve from her mind. This man was not Steve and never would be.

After they had chosen a table in the back the man introduced himself as

did she.

"Do you live here?" He asked her.

"No, just passing through. I'm trying to start a new life. My old one

sucked if you know what I mean." She replied looking down at her beer.

"Would that have anything to do with that shiner you've got on your

face?" Mark inquired.

"I guess all the makeup wore off huh?" She tried to smile, but


Mark reached out a huge hand to her face and when she shrunk away from

him he whispered, "I would never do this to you. I would never harm any

female. You have no need to be scared of me Ariel." His beautiful green

eyes looked sincere and she let him touch where the bruise was.

"He should be shot you know." Mark told her, slowly pulling his hand


"Boy I could have used you with me a few days back." She was finally

able to smile and Mark marveled at how her whole face lit up when she


"You are really a beautiful woman, I hope you never let any man tell you

any different." Mark stood and excused himself to the bar to get a few

more drinks and she watched him walk away realizing that this was Mark,

he was in no way shape or form Steve.

"So what do you do for a living?" Mark asked after he had come back to

the table.

"I'd rather not say." she replied.

"Come on now, no secrets, ok?" He smiled at her.

"I'm a..I'm a.." She couldn't go any further.

"It's ok, go ahead." He urged her to finish.

"I was a stripper." She couldn't even look at him she was so embarrassed.

Choosing instead to look down at her beer she felt her tears start


"Hey girl, people do what they gotta to survive, ya know? I understand


"Steve always said that I..."

"You know girl, I think I've heard enough about that bastard for one

night." He traced her jawline with his huge finger and finished, "You

have nothing to be ashamed about. " Tilting her head back so she was

staring him in the eyes he finished, "How about I take you out to dinner

and then we find you a room for the night. You don't want to drive a

long way after you've been drinking do you?"

She shook her head and he smiled again and said, "Good, with that

decided what do you say I take you out for the hottest Mexican food

you've ever tasted?"

Sitting back in his hotel room an evil smile crossed Steve's lips. That

little bitch was leaving a paper trail everywhere she went. He'd catch

up with her tonight and when he did, he'd remind her who was the boss in

this relationship. His joy over the way the last night they were

together was genuine. He had left her a bloodied heap on the floor and

that's what he was going to do again tonight.

As they were finishing up dinner Mark was puzzled by this woman. All the

joy and fun of life had been beaten out of her, but he thought it was

still there somewhere. The light in her eyes told him so.

"How about we go and find you that room now girl? Do you need some money

because I can pay for it."

Ariel shook her head and replied, "No thanks Mark, I have my credit


Getting her settled into a room nearby Mark asked, "Is it ok if I come

and see you in the morning? I'd like to say goodbye."

"I would really love that Mark, please do." She closed the door and

smiled as she remembered how sweet and gentle he was with her. Lying on

the bed she wondered what it was like to be held by him. Was he as sweet

in bed as he was in everyday life? She yawned and thought I bet he is.

She drifted off to sleep with his image in her mind.

Steve had the information he wanted. She was staying at a hotel not too

far from him. Jumping in his car he looked forward to this. Oh how he

looked forward to this. That bitch would never defy him again. He made

it to her hotel in about 5 minutes and was overjoyed to see her car

parked there. His rage started to build as he thought about her leaving

him and by the time he knocked on the door he was shaking he was so


Ariel awoke when she heard the knock on her door. Mark she thought, oh

that would be great.

She opened the door and said, "Mark I'm so glad you came back."

She was slapped in the face and as her eyes focused after the hard knock

she saw Steve standing there.

"Steve!" She gasped, "How did you find me?"

"I found you because you're stupid. Who the hell is Mark anyway you

little slut." He slapped her again and from where she was on the floor

she could hear a voice saying, "I'm Mark, and I think I need to teach

you how to treat a lady."

After Mark had thrown a punch that landed directly on Steve's jaw he

walked in the door, kicking Steve out of the way.

"Come on girl, let's pack your things. You're staying with me tonight."

He commanded.

Ariel stole a quick glance at Steve lying on the floor and then glared

at Mark. "I didn't ask for your help. You didn't need to do that."

"So your opinion is that I should have let him kill you and then maybe

asked him out for a beer?" Mark asked, his eyes showing anger.

"No, I just meant..." Her voice trailed off and she bent over Steve

smoothing his hair back.

Pulling her up roughly by the hand Mark asked, "Why are you like this?

He hit you and yet you choose to coddle him like a child." Dragging her

to the mirror he Mark forced her to look at her face in the mirror.

Steve's hand print was still visible on her face and her eye was

swelling slightly. "Do you see what he's done? He's a poor excuse for a

human being and yet you love him. Maybe you could explain that to me."

Ariel tried to look at only Mark. She knew she was making him angry, but

she couldn't help herself. Finally Steve stood up groggy and took her


"Baby, you know I love you. You know I didn't mean it. I just get so mad

at the thought of you with another man, it makes me crazy." Steve looked

into her eyes and she glanced back at Mark who was watching, disgusted.

"Girl, if this is what you want, so be it." Mark turned and was walking

away when she snatched her hand back from Steve.

"Mark wait, I.." She started but Steve walked between her and Mark.

"Don't do this Ariel, don't piss me off again." Steve's face scared her

and she saw how much he hated her when she looked into his eyes.

She didn't see that when she looked at Mark. His face was gentle and

loving. "Leave it alone Steve, I'm going." She turned to her suitcase

and started to pack.

Steve made his way toward her menacingly but was stopped by a very

agitated Mark. "Boy, you need to go and find someone else to bother.

This girl is done with you. If you want me to hit you again I can do

that but I'm sure the lady would rather have you leave quietly." Mark


Knowing he was outmatched, Steve walked out the door saying, "We'll take

this up another time. Next time you won't win." Glaring at Mark for a

second he then left.

"Mark, why don't we just stay here tonight. I can sleep on the floor, I

just don't want to be alone tonight. I'm scared." Ariel burst into tears

and sunk down on the bed.

Mark sat next to her and held her, letting her cry it all out on his

shoulder. Stroking her hair he whispered to her, "Don't worry girl, no

one will hurt you tonight or any night. That bastard is out of your


Her tear streaked face struck such a feeling in his heart Mark just

wanted to make it all better. He knew she wouldn't stay with him

forever, and he also knew she needed a new life. A safe life. If Steve

ever found her again, he would kill her for the way she had betrayed him

tonight. How does a man get so screwed up that he would hurt a lady like

this, Mark wondered to himself.

"Let's get some ice on that eye." Mark stood up and started to go for

the ice machine outside the door.

"Mark?" He heard her small voice say.


"I don't need any ice. I.. I ..just need you right now." She smiled

shyly and finished saying, "I hope that's not to forward of me. I just

once want to be with a man who is loving and caring."

By this point Mark had no idea what to say. Standing there he felt like

a fool, but he wanted her to be sure this was right.

She walked over to him and took his hand leading him to the bed. Kissing

him gently she ran her hands over his chest and slowly unbuttoned his

vest. He took her hand in his and kissed it tenderly. "This is all about

you tonight Ariel, I don't want you to lift a finger."

He stood and took off his vest and unzipped his pants. Sliding into the

bed next to her he captured her lips with his and probed her mouth


With strong fingers he undressed her and sat back gazing at her beauty.

"Thank you for walking into my life today Mark. I think God must have

sent you to me." She whispered.

Placing her on the pillows he smiled and let his finger trace lazy

circles around her nipples making them hard. "I think he was looking out

for both of us girl." Mark smiled.

Sliding his hand down between her legs he found her drenched. Kissing her

one last time he then moved between her legs and parted them. With a

soft lick and nibble of the outer petals, he opened her blossom.

Sliding a finger into her wetness he heard her soft pants and moans.

Keeping his lips on her pleasure spot he inserted a second finger and

slowly stroked in and out of wetness.

"Please Mark, I need you now." She whimpered and he gave her one final

lick before standing and kneeling over her.

He was engorged and gently penetrated her. "Tell me if I'm hurting you

girl. I only want you to feel pleasure."

Her moans became louder and between labored breaths she managed to say,

"No Mark, no pain."

He withdrew and turned her on to her side and entered her dripping

opening from behind her. Slow and gentle strokes were soon replaced by a

more animalistic ramming. Reaching around he played with her nipples and

kissed her neck until he could feel her start to tremble uncontrollably.

"Come on baby." He whispered in her ear. "Show me how beautiful you are

when you are cum."

She shuddered and screamed out his name, bringing Mark to explode

himself. Rubbing her back he whispered, "Was that ok?"

"Ok? You are an amazing lover." She replied with a smile and fell asleep

in his arms.

The next morning he looked at her sadly and said, "I wish you could stay

a little bit longer."

"Me too, but I have to start over, and I'm going to do it right this

time." She replied clicking her suitcase shut and standing up.

Kissing her deeply he whispered, "You ever need anything you just call

me, ok?"

"Right." She kissed him back and wondered why she would leave the

perfect man.

"Here" He took a wad of cash from his pocket and handed it to her

saying, "Remember, no credit cards, I'm sure that's how he found you in

the first place."

She accepted the cash and smiled saying, "When I get settled, I'll send

this back with interest."

He shook his head and responded, "No, not necessary. Just make sure you

let me know you're ok."

"I will Mark, and thanks again." She climbed into her car and drove


Mark stood by the hotel room door and whispered, "Goodbye Ariel."

A Chance Encounter Sequel: Part 1

All the bruises were long since healed. Ariel had started over. The situation with her ex was a dead issue in her life. The last thing she had heard he was in jail for grand theft auto. Just as well, she was happy right where she was. A new job with a friendly older couple as a receptionist for their hair salon. They had taken her in and made her one of the family. Six months had passed and she knew now what she had wanted to do all along. Pay Mark back.

Asking for a few days off was no problem. With her payback money in tow, she happily hopped into her new car and sped towards Mark's town, hoping that she could find him.

Walking into the bar where they had first met she looked around. The place was deserted.

She heard a voice call out from the back, "We don't open until 4:00 P.M. Come back then." When Mark walked out with a keg in his arms, his huge muscular arms straining against his black t-shirt she smiled. He set the keg behind the bar and rushed over to her.

"Ariel! Girl, I have missed you so much. What are you doing here?" He asked in his sexy deep tone.

"I'm here to pay you back, baby. In more ways than one." She raised her eyebrows at him in a flirty manner and laughed out loud. God, seeing him after six months was such a great feeling. He had grown even more handsome in the time she was away. "Are you working here now?" She asked him.

Looking around the place he replied, "Well sort of, I bought it. I always wanted to have my own watering hole and I guess I do now. We're rebuilding here and it looks sort of shitty right at this moment but it will be perfect when I'm done. I wanted to get a hold of you and see if you wanted to work here with me. I had no idea where you went through."

Work with him? Her mind whirled, she could see him for at least 8 hours a day? What a big slice of heaven that would be.

"Well, tell me all about it. Come on, take a drive with me in my own brand new car." She grinned and this time he raised his eyebrows.

"A brand new car? Sounds like things are going great for you. I'll take you up on that drive girl. Let me lock this place up." He gently prodded her out the door and turned to lock the door.

She grinned and looked at his butt which looked mighty fine in his tight jeans. Putting her hand in the pocket of his jeans she sneaked the money in there.

"Ariel! I'm shocked, grabbing my butt." He pretended to be alarmed, but merely ended up looking turned on.

"I'm so happy I could pay you back Mark. I included interest." Her face took on a proud look and as much as he wanted to tell her to take the money back, he knew doing so would injure her pride.

The drive ended up taking them to the mountains. Ariel spread out a blanket on the ground and Mark held her in his arms.

"What do you think about coming back here and working for me girl?" He asked tracing a finger down her arm.

"I think that sounds even better than the life I lead right now." She sighed content in his embrace and raised her head to his. "Please kiss me Mark." She whispered.

His tender lips on hers almost brought her to a climax. She pulled away and smiled saying, "You have no idea why that sexy body of yours does to me." His fingers trailed her arms still, leaving small tingles long after they had departed.

Spending a wonderful and innocent morning together Mark finally said, "Girl, I need to get back to the bar. I'm doing some interviews this afternoon."

Reluctantly she stood up and walked back to the car. The drive back was quiet and filled with a happy silence. She really had put all the old nightmares behind her and she was delighted with the way this was all shaping up.

Pulling into the driveway of the bar Ariel noticed a beautiful red headed girl waiting by the front door.

Mark exited the car and asked, "Can I help you?"

The redhead smiled as she replied, "My name is Mist and I'm here to apply for one of the openings you have in the paper for exotic dancers."

Ariel was floored, he wanted her to work here as a stripper. Her past was her future. Turning quickly she stalked back to her car determined to get out of there. Mark didn't notice as he opened the door and led the redhead in. Finally he turned around and ran to the car.

"Ariel, where on earth are you going?" He asked her.

"As far away from here as I can. You could have had the decency to tell me that you wanted me to work as a stripper. You can ... off because that part of my life is over." She finally broke into tears and finished saying, "I thought you were different. I thought you were better than this."

Mark ran an exasperated hand through his hair. "Better than what girl? I told you before that I'm not of the same frame of mind that you are about this profession. In fact, I'll be offering male dancers upstairs for the ladies. It's not humiliating, do you have any idea what I'm going to pay these folks for their services?"

"Services!" Ariel spat back. "Say it and believe it, you just want a cheap thrill. A cheap thrill that I will not be a part of."

"Did I once ask you to dance? No, I believe those words ever came out of my mouth." He leaned against the car and smiled the most irritating smile Ariel had ever seen.

"What? You don't want me to dance? What the hell is wrong with you? Am I too ugly?" As soon as she said it she grimaced. She really didn't want to hear the answer.

"Hell, no girl. I was thinking that this is exactly the reaction I would get from you if I asked. What I want from you well, in a business sense is to oversee this entire operation with these girls. I want you to make sure that they are happy. I don't want one girl here who feels the way that you did. Believe it or not, there are men and women who enjoy this profession and those are the folks that I want to work here." He looked back at the door and finished, "If you must go, girl, I'll miss you. But I have an interview to attend to." Walking back to the bar Mark wondered what her decision would be.

Ariel sat in her car. Torn between the work she had thought was wrong all this time and the man that she loved. Loved? I don't love him. She erased the very thought from her mind and stalked back into the bar.

Mark was sitting on a bar stool watching the show Mist was putting on for him and him alone. Ariel grabbed him by the chin and jerked his head until he was looking at her. "You had better plan to pay me a hell of a lot of money for this Mark."

Reaching into his back pocket he pulled his wallet out and threw it on the table in front of her. "Take it," *Quick Authors note. No man is sexier then when he's offering his wallet to you! hehe* Money makes no difference to me girl." His attention turned back to the dance.

After the interview was finished and Mark had told Mist that he would call her in a week to let her know what he had decided he turned back to Ariel.

"Now what do you say I give you a private show of my own girl? I promise I won't disappoint." Tilting her head back he gave her one long slow kiss.

She looked back at him and smiled slyly saying, "Well, only if you straddle the pole."

"No girl, there's a pole of my own I want you to straddle." He grinned and picked her up into his arms carrying her to the bar and setting her there.

After setting Ariel on the bar Mark took a few steps back and started to unbutton his black jean shirt. Dropping it to the floor, bare chested, wearing only his black jeans he made his way back to her, his face flushed and his piercing green eyes smoldering.

Seeing Mark bare chested, with a predatory look on his face took Ariel's breath away. She sighed when he worked the buttons of her shirt. The sigh turned into a gasp when she felt his burning fingertips on her breasts, which were protruding slightly over the top cuffs of her lacy black bra. His lascivious fingers crept along the tender skin exposed there. Grasping the front of the offending garment Mark's lust was all consuming as he tore the bra in half, throwing it over his shoulder.

Lowering his lips to her breasts Mark murmured, "So succulent and sweet, girl." Ariel trembled, feeling defenseless, physically as well as emotionally. She relished the feeling, knowing that Mark would never harm her. His only intent was to pleasure her. Those had been his intentions from the first day they had met. Sucking and nibbling he lavished each nipple, his long hair trailing the spots he had just wet.

Sliding her pants off, his fingers toyed with the elastic rim of her panties. Ariel mewled in delight when Mark whispered to her, "Do you want me to remove these, girl?" Nodding her head was the best she could do to answer. Intense trickles of pleasure lurked in her loins as she felt his powerful hands spreading her legs after removing her drenched panties. Her buttocks jerked involuntarily as spasms of very real pleasure rippled through her raw nerve endings. Mark chuckled lightly, sliding two fingers over her oily entrance. "I guess I shouldn't have worried about turning you on."

The mound between her thighs was one throbbing mass of burning sensitivity. When she felt Mark's tongue probe there, she flailed her head from side to side, caught somewhere between laughing and crying. "Mark, please, I need to have you. I need to feel you inside of me. I want to taste you." she begged. He looked down at her pink face and her wet lips. Stepping back once again he slowly unzipped his jeans and peeled them off of his body which was glistening with sweat. Never one to bother with the restrains of underwear, his manhood sprung forth defying gravity, taking on a life of its own.

Ariel's hot tongue darted out to wet her pink lips, the very image of Mark's pulsing rod in her mouth made her sizzle with arousal. Swirling her wet tongue around the head, tasting his juices while hearing him moan. Sensing the tightening of his muscles she engulfed the entire pole in her mouth. Slowly rocking her head back and forth, he grew even more. Swirling her tongue in faster strokes, his fingers massaging the base of her neck tenderly.

Pushing her gently away Mark gazed into her eyes, saying in a hoarse voice, "Let me love you now." His massive arms parted her legs. She gazed at the artwork adorning them and her breath caught in her throat as she felt him enter her.

His hot member tore into her with a wonderful force. A hunger within her was being fed and nourished with the promise of satiation. The sounds of naked flesh smacking filled the air. Moaning incoherently, Ariel wrapped her sleek legs around Mark's back. Her taut muscles gripped his cock as she thrust her hips up. His hot sliding shaft was driving her wild with desire and she screamed his name over and over again as she climaxed. Mark was making bestial sounds low in his throat. As his release approached, his hips pumped faster and faster. Ariel ran a long fingernail over his nipples pinching lightly. Mark erupted his hot load into her and it hit Ariel like a volcanic eruption. She shivered in ecstasy one last time before falling limply back and letting her head rest gently on the bar.

Mark put his jeans on and walked back to the bar. Kissing her tenderly, he stroked the hair out of her eyes. Smiling he said to her, "I think our working together is going to be fantastic, girl."

Looking at Mark's manly form from across the bar, Ariel felt lucky and in love. He was everything she had ever wanted in a man. Strong, kind and most important, he never raised a hand to her.

Smiling, she looked down at her 'to do' list for the day. She frowned when she realized that this was the first day they were having exotic dancers there. She knew Mark was the type of man that felt this was a good business move, but Ariel just wasn't so sure.

It had been a hard life for her, when she had danced and as she watched all the young ladies giggling and walking to their dressing rooms she felt a small pang of guilt. Guilt born from the humiliation and degradation of others.

Pushing those thoughts to the side she walked over to Mark and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Hi babe." He smiled down at her. "Everything going smoothly with the girls?" He asked. Ariel nodded and replied, "They seem ready to go. Is the upstairs set up for the male dancers?" She asked. "You bet, we are going to rake the money in tonight baby. This place is the talk of the town." He replied.

"Mark, are you sure about this?" Ariel asked in earnest. "I mean dancers, that's quite a stretch from just having a Mom and Pop bar, like this place used to be." "Babe, we've talked about this over and over. This is the business I want to run. I thought you understood. Not to mention the fact that I cut the dancing down to two nights a week at your request." He finished with a sigh.

"I know. And I thank you for taking my feelings into account. I just..." Her voice trailed off and Mark smiled gently, "Don't worry babe, it will be fantastic." He told her.

When it was time for the doors to open Ariel was amazed at the amount of people rushing in the door. She shook her head and took a seat at the bar. The show was getting ready to start.

Mark sat next to her and held her hand. He was beaming over the successful night they were having. The lights lowered and the first girl came on stage. Mark watched, delighted and for the first time since they had met Ariel saw him not as the man who had saved her from an abusive boyfriend, but just as another man. Another pig. She was transported back to her dancing days and she started to tremble.

Mark noticed her discomfort and asked, "Should we go outside?" "No, I'll be fine." Was her reply.

As the night continued Ariel started to feel her resentment for Mark growing by leaps and bounds. He watched the girls proudly and never took his eyes off of the stage. Closing her eyes she sat back and tried to rid herself of the thoughts that were plaguing her. The times she had danced men had their hands all over her. The owner hadn't cared. Anything for a buck.

Mark's rules were a little different however. No one was allowed to touch any of the dancers, male or female. If they wanted to tip a dancer, they were to give it to the waitress who would deposit it in the box behind the bar that Mark had set up for each dancer.

A drunken man rose with unsteady feet and advanced towards the tiny dancer on stage. Mark was on his feet in a matter of seconds and ushered the would-be grabber out the door. The girl was a little shaken up and Mark led her back to her dressing room. When Ariel arrived back there she saw Mark holding the dancer with her head buried in his chest. He was smoothing her hair back and telling her everything would be fine.

Rage consumed Ariel who stalked into the room and yelled, "No Mark, it's not going to be all right. Don't you get it? Dancers here are going to bring this place to ruins. I won't stand by and watch this. You're just looking for a cheap thrill and some money in your pocket. Well, I won't be a part of this. In fact, I quit. I'm leaving you and this damn bar. Have a nice sleazy life you bastard." She stomped out of the room and out of the bar with Mark watching her with a confused look on his face.

Watching Ariel stalk out of the bar, Mark stood for a second, unsure of what to do.

Ariel had been nothing but a pain in his ass since she had walked into his life, but he didn't want her to hurt. She had already had too much of that in her life so far.

He moved the girl aside that he was consoling and gently told her to take the rest of the day off with pay. She hugged him impulsively and said, "I've never had a boss as kind as you Mr. Calaway. Thank you so much."

Mark smiled at the girl and left the room, he only hoped Ariel wasn't gone yet. He had something to tell her and he wanted her to hear it from him. In person.

Ariel was standing outside of the bar in tears. She had just told the kindest, most gentle man she had ever encountered to, well, to ... off basically.

Mark ran out of the bar and saw her there. He walked over to her and took her hands in his.

Part 2

"Girl, I've listened to what you've had to say and I think for the first time, I've got it. No more strip club. I'm closing it down for you." He kissed her hand and gently pulled her into a hug.

"You'll do that for me?" Her tear streaked face looked into his green eyes and he nodded.

"I only want you to be happy." He bent down on one knee before her and said, "Girl I'm not very good at this, but I'd like you to be my wife. I've never met anyone like you. You have the ability to make me angry and happy at the same time. I love you girl. Will you marry me?"

The tears formed in her eyes again, but this time they were tears of joy. Ariel nodded her head and said, "Of course I'll marry you Mark. I love you."

Picking her up in his arms he placed a gentle kiss on the back of her neck as he whispered, "Ariel, you have made me the happiest man on the face of the earth. Thank you baby. Thank you."

Holding her in his arms he walked toward his car. She looked back at the club and asked, "What will you do now that you're getting rid of this place?"

"I think I'll open a house of ill repute." He joked with her as he set her in the back seat of the car and pulled his shirt off. "What do you say, to one last fun romp here in the parking lot before we put the for sale sign up tomorrow morning?"


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