Serenade by Night Mistress


It was late, and you were alone once again in the dark house. You sat curled up in a chair next to the lamp with a good book. You read, but your mind couldn’t help but drift to thoughts of him. Why had he done this? You’d accepted his career without hesitation. You’d accepted the fact that he would be away for most of the year, but still you loved the man. Days or weeks apart couldn’t get in the way of that. But he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t make the commitment that you wanted. Why not?
You fought the tears as you gripped the book and recalled his reasoning. He’d said it wouldn’t be fair to you. He’d been through it before, and ‘it was never fair to the woman’. He wouldn’t do it again.

“Bullshit!” You scoffed aloud. “I decide what’s fair to me.” Your teeth began to grind, but finally you were overcome with emotion. “Can’t he see that life is too short? We shouldn’t waste precious moments. One night with him fills my weeks with happiness.” But he couldn’t understand that. You sighed and tried to return to your sappy romance novel. “See,” you spoke aloud to yourself once more. “This guy Rex, knows what’s up. He almost passed on a chance with Audrey, but his brother opened his eyes! He made him realize he had a choice. It was either true love – or someone you could be with everyday. Some people are lucky, and can have that. But the rest of us... well you just get the hand that was dealt...” You sighed. At least Rex did wake up. When he realized what he was about to lose, he’d gone out on a limb and did something so crazy, so ludicrous that she had to take him back. She had to accept his apology. He was a real man. “But that’s just it,” you whispered. “He isn’t.” You closed the book sorrowfully.

Soon you heard an unexpected sound. Was it music? You eased from the chair and turned out the lamp. The sound of singing seemed to come from outside. You slipped over to the window and carefully peered through the curtains. As the porch light illuminated the yard, you thought you saw your lover's brother crouching behind a tree. Suddenly your eyes fell upon the source of the singing. It was the man you loved. A smile burned your cheeks as you giggled to yourself. You opened the window, and leaned out. “What are you doing?” You asked sweetly.

‘Someone’ from behind the tree urged him to keep doing what he was doing. He seemed a little nervous, but was obviously forcing himself to ‘go out on a limb’ and do ‘something so crazy, so ludicrous’ that you would have to take him back. He dropped to his knee and actually continued to sing. It was a song from one of your favorite old ‘Saturday morning’ movies... Urban Cowboy. You didn’t know why you liked it so much, you just did... and he happened to know that.

He sang... “Love, look what you’ve done to me. Never thought I’d fall again so easily... Oh love, you wouldn’t lie to me, leading me to feel this way...”
When he was done, you closed the window and watched secretly as he hung his head not knowing if you were impressed in the slightest. His brother, not hiding very well, shrugged his shoulders unknowingly.

To your lover's surprise, you ran out the door and into his arms. After a warm and rewarding embrace he dropped again to one knee. “Will you forgive me,” he asked.
You answered him with a kiss....

The End

Look What You’ve Done to Me By Boz Scaggs
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc. Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by Gottler, Archie / Conrad, Con / Mitchell, Sidney D.